Sweden’s Solar Egg

Approximately 200 km north of Sweden’s Arctic Circle lies the 117 year old city of Kiruna.  Renowned for its northern lights, midnight sun and one of the largest ore deposits on earth, the city is now host to the Solar Egg – art installation meets public sauna meets sustainability.

Designed by award winning artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström, the 5 meter high, 4 meter wide sauna is comprised of 69 gold-plated stainless steel facets designed to reflect the city and its arctic environment.  Representative of the artists’ longstanding fascination with humanity’s relationship with nature, energy and technology, the egg’s sauna is also a nod to the city’s historical traditions as well as community interaction.  The 8 person sauna with heart-shaped wood stove can be booked online free of charge and will be traveling around the country throughout the summer.


Photography by Jean-Baptiste Béranger