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As we tour some of our Austin favorites this week during the SXSW Festival, there are some newcomers to the Texas capital’s shopping scene. Cove Boutique opened a few months ago in a beautiful new space on South Congress. It’s beautiful, bright & airy and the only thing missing is the sound of crashing waves and sand at your feet. We sat down with owner, Rebecca Yanoff, to discuss the new boutique’s concept and some of her favorite travel destinations that inspired the aesthetic.

Shop Local | Cove Boutique What’s your background?

I didn’t have an extensive background in fashion, I just always knew that I wanted to be an independent business owner. I believe if you love what you do and keep working hard at it you will most likely become great at it. The first 8 years after college, I worked many different types of jobs and wasn’t just trying to find my passion, I was researching what the growing Austin population truly needed. So, for over three years I worked to concept our boutique from the ground up. We were fortunate enough to be able to design our building and convey Cove’s spirit of relaxed fashion and good living in the exterior and interior design.

Shop Local | Cove Boutique Shop Local | Cove Boutique What is the inspiration behind Cove?

The inspiration for Cove came from my travels, particularly throughout Hawaii. The aloha spirit puts me in an instant state of relaxation and happiness. I wanted to bring this feeling into a high-end shopping experience, which can often make customers feel intimidated and self conscious.

What are you favorite tropical destinations? Favorite resorts or hotels?

My favorite hotel is the Four Seasons Maui. You just can’t beat their service. They know what you want before you do. But I’m looking forward to exploring a tropical location a little closer to home. We’ll be traveling to Tulum for the first time this spring break. We’ll be staying at El Pez.

Shop Local | Cove Boutique Which items would you pack for a beach getaway?

For a beach getaway, I would pack a Jade Tribe beach bag that folds up nicely into your suitcase, a turkish-t towel for laying out which also doubles as a sarong, long beachy necklaces and beaded bracelets from Marit Rae that easily go from beach to street, a Zimmermann bathing suit and a fabulous Camilla kaftan for dinner.

What are some lessons you’ve learned in starting your own business?

I’ve learned that you will wear a lot of hats. You won’t just be selling beautiful clothing all day. You need to have working knowledge of marketing, accounting, contracting, human resources, etc. It’s been a business crash course, but I’m fortunate to have a great team behind me!

Shop Local | Cove Boutique Shop Local | Cove Boutique Photography by Alysha Rainwaters