JonBoy Tattoo

After researching several tattoo shops in New York City, I stumbled upon the Instagram account of JonBoy, a local tattoo artist known for his minimalistic and micro tattoos. Other than the infamous Dr. Woo in Los Angeles, I had not seen any work so small and precise. Luckily, we were able to meet up with JonBoy (and get inked!) on a recent trip to the Big Apple. Turns out he’s an incredibly personable guy and despite his celebrity clientele (including Kendall Jenner), he remains extremely humble. Currently working with celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, I have a feeling JonBoy’s notoriety is just getting started. Scroll down to see examples of his super minimalistic tattoos or check out more his work here.

JonBoy TattooJonBoy TattooJonBoy TattooJonBoy TattooJonBoy TattooJonBoy Tattoo JonBoy Tattoo JonBoy Tattoo JonBoy Tattoo

Photography by Alysha Rainwaters

Tattoo images taken from @JonBoyTattoo Instagram