Chef Spotlight | Harlem

Chef Shinichi Inoue began cleaning the kitchens of famous sushi restaurants in Japan and after 7 years finally worked his way up to chef status. He eventually relocated to New York working for a Michelin star restaurant and was presented the opportunity to open up his own place in Harlem by restauranteur, Yuko Motoki. At Inoue, he receives (and personally blesses) fish from Japan delivered to his restaurant twice a week. Chef Inoue pays incredible attention to detail, hand-grating the wasabi, makes his own blends of soy sauces and two different types of rice depending on the type of fish served. He tells T Magazine about the concept of omotenashi… “As soon as a customer walks in, I see if the person looks tired and try to adjust the meal accordingly,” he says. “I try to be keen to their entire being.” I just wish I had read about this incredible spot before my most recent trip to the city!

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Images via T Magazine