Check In | Portugal

A family home in the south of Portugal was transformed into an eco-friendly retreat in the Ria Formosa Nature Park. Casa Modesta is nestled among almond and olive orchards at the site of Carlos Fernandes’ family home. Designed by his sister and local architectural firm PAr, the hotel is contemporary and minimalist with whitewashed exteriors and neutral decor. There are 9 suites with private patios and communal areas for eating and lounging. Nearby, guests can visit one of the seven wonders of the country, a unique coastal lagoon that contain diverse habitats such as barrier-islands, tidal flats dunes, salt pans and fresh water lagoons.


Guests can watch the migration of the birds, gather shellfish, harvest salt on the land and go on boat rides during their stay. The subtle details like the vaulted brick ceilings and terracotta tiles create a serene environment and provide a unique spin on the eco retreat experience.

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Images via Yatzer