Check In | Henry Howard Hotel

There’s a newcomer in the New Orleans hotel scene that’s changing the way you experience the Big Easy. Located in the charming Garden District neighborhood, the Henry Howard Hotel offers a boutique hotel experience which is few and far between when it comes to Nola accommodations. We recently stayed in the brand new space and discussed the concept with graphic designer and photographer, Kathleen Fitzgerald. In a collaboration with Hunter Mabry Design, the creative branding of the hotel was incorporated in subtle details throughout the space. Be sure to note the New Orleans themed toile wallpaper, the iron canopy H beds by Doorman Designs and the playful paintings of local artist Hayley Gaberlavage. Scroll down to see some components that really showcase the brand and where it’s headed. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Check In | New OrleansCheck In | New Orleans

What is the history of the Henry Howard Hotel?

The hotel was built by a famed New Orleans architect, Henry Howard, in the 1860’s. The architect designed over 300 buildings during his life and 71 still remain, the HHH being one of them. The building was originally built as an Italianate double townhouse with Greek Revival features for the two daughters of Edward Conery, a steamship owner.

Check In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New Orleans

What was your inspiration for the branding of the hotel?

It was such a simple idea: combine the 3 H’s from Henry Howard Hotel into 1 dynamic H. Once everything came together I realized how versatile the system was – the brand pattern seen in the powder room, the flexibility of the stationery, and the clever messaging that ties the brand to New Orleans.

The small moments throughout the brand tell a bigger story – how the stacked wordmark nods to the 3 floors of the hotel and how the H becomes the columns that hold it all together.

Check In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New Orleans

What are some of the details guests should pay extra attention to?

Lauren Mabry, founder and lead designer at Hunter Mabry Design, completed the interior design of the hotel. She came up with all of these unique solutions to make the space feel even more customized by incorporating accents of the brand throughout the hotel. I love wallpaper, and when Lauren asked to collaborate on not 1 but 2 for the hotel I was really excited about what we could create together. The toile in the guest rooms has these hidden scenes peppered throughout. The illustrations were done by Lauren Kolesinskas, an incredible illustrator based in NYC, and include characters like Henry Howard himself, Marie Laveau, Louis Armstrong, an alligator, members of a second line band and a crawfish (of course). Every time I look I see something new.

If you want to see the other wallpaper you’ll have to check out The Parlor powder room, located right off the main entrance of the hotel. The smaller space is covered in a floor-to-ceiling black and white wallpaper that showcases the versatility of the H logo mark. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the hotel.

Check In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New OrleansCheck In | New Orleans

Branding & Photography by Kathleen Fitzgerald

Photography by Sean Greenberg