Bucket List | Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world located in the Andes of Bolivia. After a drive past the Laguna Colorada (also known as the Red Lagoon), you’ll reach the infamous site of a prehistoric lake that went dry and left behind a desert-like topography of bright white salt and rock formations. Wildlife is rare yet there are a presence of pink flamingos creating an even more intriguing landscape. When the hexagonal tiles get wet from rain, the entire surface reflects the clouds and sky creating an Dali-esque optical illusion. April begins the ideal season for visiting with it’s dry weather, but pack your sunscreen for the high altitude and sunny skies!  Uyuni Salt FlatsUyuni Salt FlatsUyuni Salt FlatsUyuni Salt Flats  Uyuni Salt Flats Uyuni Salt Flats Images via Conde Nast Traveler