Studio Visit | Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is a Vancouver-bred, NYC-based artist whose work has the power to uplift and enliven any spirit. In his most recent solo exhibit entitled ‘Leisure Studies’ at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Nolita, Andy explores elite subject matter through the use of his bold color schemes. Tennis players’ faces and bodies appear technicolored on a bubblegum pink court while polo players atop horses, mallets swinging high, race across a light turquoise field. The movement and energy is palpable and it’s hard not to smile at the playful, vibrant hues. We were fortunate to visit Andy in his Brooklyn studio and get a little insight into the life of an artist. Check out more of his work here.

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What is your background? 

I wish there was a short answer for that. The truth is it’s unclear when childhood doodling turned into something serious. I had my first solo in 2004 but, honestly, painting was a backburner hobby at the time, secondary to music. I’ve been painting full time for four years, I’d say.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I think all artists draw inspiration from every single morsel of stimuli they encounter. I’m always absorbing and filing away, be it a colour combo on the subway, a pattern on someone’s jacket, etc. It all goes in a file somewhere in my brain to be accessed later. Also, I’ve always said that my true medium is culture and people. Some of my main sources of inspiration are those who have mastered the depiction of the absurdity of life, love, and desire: Woody Allen, Milan Kundera, Oscar Wilde, Proust.

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How has your work evolved? 

My work is definitely naturally getting tidier. I guess I’m accidentally becoming a good painter. I’m gonna need to rewrite my artist statement soon, apparently.

Who are some artists you admire?

Of course, I come from the school of Matisse so definitely him and those who followed: Hockney, Jonas Wood, Guy Yanai. Also, Manet. Manet is next-level.

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What’s your typical day like?

Normally I wake up around 10 and lazily make coffee while exploring every feasible way to procrastinate answering emails. Then I head to the studio and work until the evening, when I start drinking wine and, if it’s a good night, conversing with pals over the little things in life that make it worth living.

What are some of your favorite spots in Brooklyn?

Oh man. I live in Williamsburg where literally all there is to do is eat and drink your way through lists of spots your friends have recommended. I don’t know where to start. I really like this place right by my apartment called Pokito. The vibes are just right.

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If you weren’t an artist, you would be…

Some kind of non-violent criminal like a cat burglar or bank heist mastermind. Or maybe I’d make rap beats.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You can’t garner respect for work you haven’t done yet.

Photography by Alysha Rainwaters