• Bali is one of Indonesia’s 17,000+ islands and part of the coral triangle housing over 500 different types
  • Luwak coffee (the most expensive in the world) is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and ‘fermented’ by the Asian palm civet.  Feeling adventurous? Try it in Bali for less than $10 a pot!
  • Rise early for cool temps in the morning and take an afternoon nap along with the Balinese when the sun is most brutal
  • Hindu-Dharmaism is practiced by all but 5% of the island’s population – Balinese believe that harmony with the family, community, ancestors, gods and demons will lead to reincarnation as a happier being
  • Learn the etiquette – Don’t point with a finger, but with your thumb which is considered polite. All island temples require coverage of shoulders and knees so don’t forget to pack at least 1 modest outfit!
“I think I deserve something beautiful.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love


  1. Visit Uluwatu and Pura Tanah Lot Hindu water temples
  2. Luwak coffee tasting
  3. Watch the Balinese traditional Kecak dance
  4. Lay out on the white sands of Jimbaran beach
  5. Visit Ubud’s Royal Palace
  6. Have a fresh seafood dinner on the beach
  7. Visit Ubud’s Monkey Temple
  8. Private dive or snorkel in the world class bio-diverse coral reefs
  9. Eat sate & spicy fried rice, the national dish of Indonesia
  10. Watch the scenic sunset over terraced rice paddies


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  • Breakfast at Terracotta Ubud | Your visit to Bali has to start off with banana pancakes and a view of the green terraced rice paddies. Although they did not originate in Indonesia, the signature breakfast has been perfected by the locals.
  • Negari Coffee Plantation | Indonesia has some of the most delicious coffee in the world, so start sipping and learn all about coffee growing and processing. If you’re feeling daring order some Luwak coffee; the most expensive type in the world.
  • Authentic Indonesian Lunch | Grab some Nasi Goreng (fried rice) or sate at an authentic restaurant. The many varieties of fried rice & kebab like skewers of meat vary in recipe depending on region.  Fair Warung Bali or Batukaru are great options.
  • Monkey Forest | Visit these botanical gardens and temple for a fun place to view the tropical flora and fauna of the island. Just be sure you don’t have any food or water on you or it’ll be stolen by cheeky monkeys.
  • Shopping | One of the best places to pick up quality apparel, décor or souvenirs is near Monkey forest. Biasa Bali carries high end tropical clothing and Shalimar Bali sells one of a kind Balinese handicrafts. Do not miss a visit to Deus Ex Machina’s Temple of Enthusiasm where the motorcyle lifestyle brand offers coffee, cocktails, surfboards and sushi.
  • Dinner | The organic & vegetarian friendly menu of Cinta Grill uses quality ingredients to dress up Indonesian cuisine while also providing western options. Its sister restaurant, Siam Sally, offers fine Thai dining.


  • Breakfast | Start your day off with a little dessert or the Balinese breakfast of banana pancakes. Indulge in the artisanal breakfast experience at Caramel Café with a Vanilla Smurf macaron or a ‘flat white’ and raw, organic chocolate at the Bodhi Chocolate Café. The café also serves a traditional breakfast with eggs, waffles or pancakes.
  • Ubud Royal Palace | Visit the palace to step back in time when Bali was ruled by Hindu royalty. The intricate stone carvings and lush gardens are absolutely breathtaking.
  • Neka Art Museum | Spend the afternoon viewing paintings and textiles depicting the landscapes and culture of Indonesia. If you can’t get enough, head over to the Agung Rai Art Museum for more Indonesian masterpieces.
  • Bridges Bali | Enjoy a gourmet lunch of Asian/Western fusion from green curry to filet mignon to prosciutto and pear salad.
  • Laka Leke | Dance is a huge part of Balinese culture and your visit wouldn’t be complete without a dinner and Balinese Traditional Dance Show. The chimes and drum beats of Balinese music paired with traditional costumes and makeup are guaranteed to amaze.
  • Room 4 | The artfully-crafted desserts and cocktails at this luxe lounge are dangerously delicious. Sample a little bit of everything with the ‘cocktail tasting’ – their six signature cocktails paired with desserts.



  • Café Wayan | Enjoy French pastries and coffee or an Indonesian rice and fried egg breakfast. The café also offer Indonesian cooking classes, should you want to bring the tastes of Bali home with you.
  • Dive or Snorkel Sanur | You don’t need a diving license to enjoy one of Scuba Libre’s private scuba or snorkel safari tours. You’re guaranteed to see some amazing sea life.
  • Cucas | Dine on upscale fusion tapas in a tropical garden for lunch.
  • Jimbaran Beach | This is a must! The white sand and warm water are paradise for lounging, surfing or swimming. Surf lesson and board rental stands are scattered along the coastline if you’re feeling sporty.
  • Dinner | KO Sushi has a gorgeous atmosphere complete with rice paper doors, tatami mats, and amazing top notch sushi. If you’re feeling more like barbequed seafood with your toes in the sand head to Lei Lei Beachside BBQ at the Four Seasons Resort.
  • Rock Bar Ayana | Stop by this bar for tasty cocktails with a cliff side ocean view.



  • Biku | Grab an Indonesian breakfast in a colonial style restaurant complete with traditional wood carvings. Great spot for tea, as well.
  • Temple Visits | Visit the Purah Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples. Hindu culture is deeply tied to Bali and the two water temples exemplify the beautiful spirituality of Balinese culture. Make sure your shoulders and knees are covered to be respectful.
  • Spa Day | Get a massage right on the sand at the Belmond Puri Beach Spa. The private open-air terrace and whirlpool spa bath are the perfect pairing. Koi Spa has a luxurious indoor setting as an alternative.
  • Balique | The charming decor of this café provides many photo-ops. Opened by a Beligum antique-collecting couple, take a seat among many of their vintage finds. After lunch, linger at the bar or get comfy on one of the sofas for some afternoon tea.
  • Jimbaran Corner Shopping Center | The ultra-modern outdoor mall has all your favorite stores from home as well as one of a kind boutiques.
  • Dinner | Bawang Merah is the place for a candle lit beach-side dining experience. Swept Away at the Samaya resort competes for an equally romantic dinner with ocean views.
  • Sunset Cocktails | Take your pick (or both!) of Sundara or Unique Rooftop Bar for impressive cocktails with beautiful views.




Includes every location mentioned above

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